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Toby Globy Eco Action


In 1991, Toby Globy Eco Action was founded upon a request from Padre Island National Seashore to develop an idea about early childhood environmental education with practical activities and songs that I presented to the agency.

Where do you want your company to be in the next 5 years?

Because of the present dire environmental circumstances (water shortage/quality in particular), I would like for Toby Globy's Eco Team to be a "required" curriculum supplement for all early childhood grade levels.

What do you do?

As the Founder and Executive Director of the Toby Globy (501c3 nonprofit corporation ) I perform administrative duties, coordinate sales, service, shipping, script and songwriting as well as conduct bilingual staff development workshops, etc.

Services and Products

Toby Globy Eco Action program “Toby Globy’s Eco Team” is an award winning environmental education curriculum supplement for classroom use. The program is suitable for students from pre-kinder through second grade and includes several teaching components (DVDs, CDs, Activity/Coloring books, Poster, Award Stickers) that the teacher can utilize to teach the students to be good stewards of the earth. 

Mission Statement

To be the most efficient and effective provider of environmental education materials for early childhood teachers. It is our mission that Toby Globy’s Eco Team curriculum supplement will serve in instilling sound environmental practices in our children during early childhood.

Core Values

  • A passionate commitment to educate to educate, help and encourage the youngest children to be the best stewards of the earth.
  • To grow as rapidly as possible, through funding from corporate partners/sponsors, government, private and public grant funding, so the program can spread faster and innovatively.
  • At Toby Globy Eco Action, we believe that, while not every child will become an environmental scientist, every child can be an environmentalist.
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Toby Globy Eco Action, an affiliate client of the Innovation Center, visited Texas Water Day at the State Capitol, meeting State Representative Todd Hunter and individuals from various state agencies.

 Congratulations to Toby Globy for being environmentally involved with the youth community! Toby Globy, the friendly, colorful, earth-headed character helps children from pre-K to 2nd grades to learn, take action and become the best stewards of the earth. Humberto Almaraz, the creator and Executive Director of Toby Globy Eco Action, an early childhood eco-curriculum supplement for teachers, believes that “While not every child will become an environmental scientist, every child can be an environmentalist.”

 The Innovation Center celebrates the graduation of eight client companies.

As of early spring the businesses, Turquoise Building Products, Positional Therapy Pillow, Access Curriculum Together, and Camber Corporation are the newest clients of the INNOVATION CENTER.

The Innovation Center’s client company, Keylate Solutions, makes plans to treat drinking water in Wills Point, Texas.

 Innovation Center supports and coaches local entrepreneurs.

 Toby Globy’s mission to educate children about the environment was featured in Metro Leader Newspaper.



Current Clients

Access Curriculum Together
Cameo Education Games
CartoFusion Technologies
Enso Entertainment
Global Voice Productions
GROW Local South Texas
Innovaum, LLC
JROX Coffee Company, LLC
Keylate Solutions
Patomi Media Group
Pertexa Healthcare Technologies
Spontaneous Speech
Story Play/Sunfish Press
Tax Time Services
The Cord Keeper, LLC
Therapy Outsource Inc.
UEL Solutions (KiddieMath)
Variable Innovations
Weather on Wheels

Graduate Clients

Amistad Community Health Center
Anita Mallory Designs LLC
Bespoke Crates & Gates by Maricela Sanchez Art
Breathe Max
Ensemble Group
Great Sage
RHM Chemical
Risper’s Signature
Rugged Cycles
Sub See Adventures
Texas Sealife Center
Texas Surf Museum
Third Coast Controls
Toby Globy Eco Action