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CartoFusion Technologies


CartoFusion Technologies is a geospatial technology company spin-off from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. The company was founded in 2015 and is composed of compassionate and creative geospatial software developers with years of experience in developing innovative geospatial solutions for a wide-variety of audiences. CartoFusion Technologies’ future aim is to be a well-established, well-respected geospatial technology provider to its customers by providing easy-to-use scalable mapping technology solutions.


The flagship product of CartoFusion Technologies is SituMap. SituMap was created to address the problem that creating maps and exploring spatial information requires extensive training and is often not intuitive. Additionally, map making has historically been a single-user process, which relies on a single user to drive the software while other users are put in an advisory role, instead of a collaborative role. SituMap provides an easy-to-use mapping interface that knocks down barriers to participation. Entities wishing to easily make maps, whether daily, or occasionally, can do so without having to absorb the cost of a trained map maker. Additionally, because of its natural, user-friendly interface, adoption rates are likely to be higher, thereby widening the use and reliance on SituMap.


Mission Statement

CartoFusion Technologies will develop and provide easy-to-use mapping technologies and mapping solutions that enable a broad audience to engage and integrate mapping into their operational procedures.



  • Accessibility –We will strive to never over-complicate our technology in a way that makes our customers confused or lost.
  • Focus – Our technology will provide a focused, curated experience for our customers. Functionality outside our development plan will not be implemented so we will avoid scope creep.
  • Fearlessness – We will approach problems in unique ways, possibly eschewing ‘traditional’ ways of thinking in the geospatial domain.
  • Integrity – We will always operate in an honest, respectful manner and will never lie or mislead our customers, partners, or coworkers.


Richard Smith, Ph.D., GISP

(361) 688-0240 or (361) 688-1959

10201 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418
(361) 825-3533

CartoFusion Technologies is a new client at The Innovation Center who is reinventing map-making technology for the future.

Sail Tactics moves its forecasting operations to the Coastal Bend Region. The client company provides highly detailed wind and tide forecasts to sailboat racers and enthusiasts.

 Weather on Wheels is a free app that helps travelers avoid weather-related hazards when driving and is now available to IOS/ Apple users.

 Innovation Center creates a space for synergy among clients.



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