Keylate Solutions (KLS) Expands to Texas to Introduce Alternative Water Treatment

Keylate Solutions (KLS), a client company of the Innovation Center, will begin implementing its water treatment in Wills Point, Texas. KLS has treated water in various cities in California and Florida—providing them with eco-friendly water treatment for agricultural, commercial and industrial use.

KLS treats water with a variety of KLS products, which are environmentally friendly versus conventional toxic sterilization.

According to KLS’s website,, “Keylate Solutions LLC. has improved the technology of disinfection and oxidation by mimicking nature…KLS products advances disinfection technology by translating what nature does into simple to use liquid formulations. The results is a disinfection ability for the management of viruses, bacteria, molds and biofilm that is more than twelve times that of conventional chlorine treatments.”

KLS founder, Bill Kovaric, joined the Innovation Center’s incubation program two years ago. Aside from working with water treatment in Texas, Kovaric is working to create a line of water treatments that eliminate bacteria, algae and biofilm in water treatment systems and reduce bacteria and mold in post-harvest produce.

The goal of KLS is to provide versatile water treatment applications to customers with needs in water purity, disinfection, algae control, biofilm control and mold control.

To learn more about this revolutionary technology, please visit the site [here].