Environment and Education Come Together in Toby Globy’s Program

Toby Globy’s program focuses on children and the environment

 Toby Globy Eco Action, a graduate client of the Innovation Center, was recently featured in an article by Metro Leader Newspaper. The article focused on Toby Globy’s mission which is to teach children environmentally responsible habits.

In the words of Humberto Almaraz, the founder and creator of Toby Globy, “while not every child will become an environmental scientist, every child can be an environmentalist.”

The program is targeted for pre-K through second grade and includes instructional materials, songs and activities. It, however, began initially as a children’s song.

“A committee that was formed to plan the quincentennial celebration of Columbus’s voyage wanted a simple song about protecting the environment,” Almaraze was quoted as saying in the Metro Leader article “Toby Globy teaches children to protect our environment.”
Almaraz provided the song, but it continued to grow into a full-fledged program from there. The program is award winning and also has a track record for success.

According to the Toby Globy website,, Toby Globy was “recognized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as the winner of the 2005 Texas Environmental Excellence Award.”

Recently, in 2014, Toby Globy was also awarded a CITGO Grant, a grant that is awarded to no-profits and education institutions with projects that aim to improve the quality of life of people.

“CITGO liked the concept and practicality of Toby Globy as it teaches children to become good stewards of the environment at an early age,” states Almaraz in an interview for the Center.

Toby Globy continues to make an impact in the Coastal Bend even several years later.

Recently Robert E. Mace with the Texas Water Development Board commended Almaraz’s dedication in a letter, saying: “Your dedication to your program, its mission and the kids it reaches is inspiring and commendable. And Toby Globy’s tagline resonates with all Texans, from 8 to 80: ‘It’s up to me and you.’”

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