Welcome Aboard New Client Companies!

The Innovation Center welcomes four new clients in the industries of energy, education, manufacturing, and aerospace and defense. The new four clients are Turquoise Building Products, Access Curriculum Together, Positional Therapy Pillow and Camber Corporation. The Innovation Center offers different programs to each client depending on their business development stages.

Turquoise Building Products, LLC. is a new resident client in the incubation program. This company brings a patented, advanced product to reduce energy use in buildings with its revolutionary material for roofing and siding.

Access Curriculum Together, LLC.(ACT) was generated from a collaborative effort between educators. ACT recognizes that different learning styles and disabilities require different approaches toward teaching. They’ve constructed learning strategies that allow educators to include all students in the classroom.

In joining the incubation program both businesses have access to other support programs and entrepreneurial ecosystem the Innovation Center puts forth efforts in cultivating since inception.

Positional Therapy Pillow, LLC. is joining the Innovation Center’s acceleration program as an affiliate client. They started fourteen years ago with the goal to develop non-invasive products in the durable medical equipment category, and have produced and patented 4 pillows that serve different health purposes. Positional Therapy Pillows, LLC. intends to further their growth through local manufacturing and development.

Camber is a resident client in the soft-landing program. This corporation is originally based in Huntsville Alabama and late 2013 signed a master service agreement with TAMU-CC to assist in setting up a test site and command and control center for the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). By housing the UAS’s command and control center at the Innovation Center and with the presence of Camber as a soft-landing client, the Innovation Center looks forward to more collaborations in bring more UAS businesses into the Coastal Bend area. The soft-landing program aids the business with its new branch in the Coastal Bend region by conducting feasibility studies to test the market in terms of competitiveness, demand, and regulations before making further investment.