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Mission Statements:

Corey Risper endeavors to provide quality ready wear redesigned with aeronautical charts.

What do you do?

Risper Inc. markets aviation themed apparel. The company’s clothing line boasts aeronautical charts printed on t-shirts, sweaters and accessories. Corey Risper sought to expand the use of aeronautical charts beyond their traditional role of navigation. With new printing technology the company found that the applications were multifaceted and would be an attractive addition to the airport retail market.

Services or Products:

The company combined aeronautical charts and apparel manufacturing to become the first and only brand to offer a line of clothing that incorporates charts. The company took the initiative by creating a product that was altogether new and innovative.

Company Strengths/Competitive Edge:

Risper Inc. has one overwhelming and competitive edge by being the only company which provides a product like its own. Because Corey Risper is the only company that provides apparel with aeronautical charts, the company is able to compete with other airport retail outlets.


Corey Risper's main goal is to become the highest grossing clothing brand in the country. It is the companies aim to become profitable within the first 3 years of sales

PO Box 2544, Corpus Christi, TX 78403
(361) 816-0284

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