Welcome Aboard Therapy Outsource

In this age of industry and advancements it can be easy to forget that there are people behind every interaction and transaction. However, there are those who do care about the individual such as the Innovation Center’s new incubation client, Therapy Outsource, who focuses on their patients through the care they provide.

Therapy Outsource is a group of therapists with a focus in physical and occupational therapy, with a goal to improve their patients’ quality of life. The way they achieve this is through a thorough evaluation in order to map out a unique path to recovery for each person.

According their website,, “[They] treat you with compassion, respect and the utmost care to let you know that you’re not a number, not just a client but an IMPORTANT human being.”

What makes them different from other therapists is their attention to the patient, whether that’s helping to alleviate fears and anxieties as well as mapping out a path to recovery.

For more information, please contact

President and Director of Rehab:
Bert de Vera, Physical Therapist at