ACT Intervenes for Premont

The learning gap between students can seem like an ever-widening canyon. With so many students, all with different learning styles and abilities, it can be difficult to address their needs in a more targeted manner.

Sometimes academic intervention is required, something that can prove daunting for teachers who need to work with multiple students, which is why finding the right support is important. This is the case with Premont ISD.

According to the Corpus Christi Caller Times article “Academic intervention going strong at Premont ISD,” “Premont has not met state academic standards since 2011, when its first closure notice was issues by the Texas Education Agency.”

With the threat of their doors closing, Premont has put into motion measures to improve student progress, including working with Access Curriculum Together (ACT).

ACT, according to their website, consists of educators who use innovative strategies to improve education for any student by presenting material in fun yet effective ways.

The ACT team consists of Kimberly Cook, who brings experience from the special education field, and Patty Callaway, whose focus is on mathematics.

Part of ACT’s mission is uniting educators and resources so that teachers are better prepared to address their students’ needs in the classroom.

According to that same Caller article, ACT is not only working on staff development at Premont but has committed to teaching groups of students in preparation for the spring, when tests will have an effect on the school’s standing.

“The 19-week contract with Access Curriculum, is the first math intervention of its kind the district has sought,” states that same article.

Despite its academic struggles, the outlook for Premont is hopeful.

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