Innovation Center Coaches Clients to Success

Clients at the Innovation Center often create and collaborate together, but there is also another benefit of being a part of an incubator—and that is the sense of accountability.

Kimberly Cook and Patty Callaway, the team behind Access Curriculum Together (ACT), stated in the article “Innovation Center Provides ‘Out of the Box’ Thinking for Local Education Businesss” on that the Innovation Center provides their business with technical support and helps them stay focused and accountable when it comes to fulfilling their goals for their business.

“[The Innovation Center] helped us see far beyond our own vision. They made us think outside our box and they provided us our foundation,” Cook and Callaway were quoted as saying in that same article.

According to Access Curriculum Together’s website,, the ACT team is dedicated to “using innovative strategies to improve education for all…increase access to curriculum within a community of learners by uniting educators and resources.”

It can be hard to keep track of everything that goes into starting and running a small business, but through support by entities such, as the Innovation Center, innovation can continue to thrive in the real world.

“’The Innovation Center has put us in touch with the right professionals to get things done, “ Cook was quoted as saying in that article.

“’We love working with the Innovation Center’s innovators, sharing meals, ping pong games, office supplies, and friendships,” said Callaway in that same article. “It has been beneficial to share our unique business model and expertise with others building their repertoire of skills.”

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