Tax Time Services Joins the Innovation Center

The Innovation Center offers soft-landing program to companies with innovative ideas from other States and foreign countries wishing to branch out or relocate their business in the Coastal Bend region. Tax Time Services is a cloud based service firm that consists of highly qualified Enrolled Agents (EA’s) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s). Through their secure client portal, they are available to work with you online and at your convenience, providing a service that goes beyond software programs.

Along with providing clients with tax services, Tax Time Services’ cloud based firm provides a unique opportunity for tax preparers. Office space can become a costly investment; however, with this application, the tax preparer can experience a level of convenience and work from anywhere.

According to US Tax Center’s article, “The pros and cons of professional tax preparation”, “a tax preparation software program cannot always ask you the right questions about your particular circumstances (such as your capital gains and losses). This is because the majority of tax preparation software is designed for individuals with simpler tax situations, and is not well-suited for taxpayers with complex finances.”

Tax Time Services can provide assistance for the following:
• Those who earn a high income
• Retirees working on a second career
• Rental real estate property owners
• Small business owners
• Those who have multi-state or foreign earned income
• Those in need of assistance with bookkeeping, payroll and tax advice

“If you put a monetary value on your time, you might find that the hours you spend laboring over your tax return ends up costing you more than the services of a tax professional,” states that same US Tax Center article.