FoxP2Go (The Language Bridge) Joins The Innovation Center’s Incubation Program

FoxP2Go is a new addition to the Innovation Center’s incubation program. The company aspires to create an online platform that provides language support for customers of all ages.

High quality translation and interpretation, language training, cross-cultural and diversity education, and evaluation and curriculum design for language courses will be available the for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German.

FoxP2Go was inspired by the gene known as “FOXP2”, the strand of DNA that is primarily responsible for the development of speech and language. Language is a trait that defines and differentiates us as human beings, and it is inextricably linked to the development of the many cultures that populate our globe.

Language and culture are inseparable from each other and they are the cornerstones upon which FoxP2Go has been built. The service they will provide is unique in that it offers the customers access to high-quality language and cross-cultural solutions on-the-go.

FOXP2Go’s team of linguistic and cultural experts will be immediately available to clients, wherever they go; giving them instant access to global expertise.

The company has experience providing aid to local companies by expanding potential business opportunities through language and cultural interpretation and training.

Globalization is becoming more prevalent in the business world and FoxP2Go aims to help transition people into a more cultured and integrated world.