Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using BillCutterz

Barry Gross’s negotiation savvy and urge to lighten his financial load led to his development of BillCutterz. He is currently a resident client at the Innovation Center and the success of his business has skyrocketed since inception.

According to an article in The Island Moon Newspaper, “BillCutterz has been saving Islanders money since 2009”, his business provides a service that saves customers 30% on their monthly bills on average.

Gross felt exasperation toward the amount he was paying for his mortgage. Through trial and error he formulated an approach designed to save money for businesses and individuals.

In the same article mentioned above, BillCutterz was featured in an ABC World News’ “Real Money” segment where he received recognition for his business’ success. During the program, a story of a local Corpus Christi Family was shared where BillCutterz saved almost $1,500 on their monthly bills using his services. 

Additionally the article mentions he’s caught the eye of large organizations such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Men’s Health and Fox Business News.

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