Education for all: Access Curriculum Together Presents at Regional Conference in Houston

The founders of Access Curriculum Together (ACT), Patty Callaway and Kimberly Cook, will give a presentation that covers how to utilize visual supports of the new math TEKS at the Texas Assistive Technology Regional Conference. The conference will take place on June 10, 2015.

Callaway specializes in mathematics and Cook in special education. Through collaborative efforts they present fun yet effective learning solutions tailored for youth with diverse learning styles.

ACT is a client company in the Incubation Program at the Innovation Center. Their mission is to, “increase access to curriculum within a community of learners by uniting educators and resources, to increase accountability and to maximize students’ learning and quality of life.” The company focuses on mathematics; teachers learn the “how” of accessing the curriculum for students receiving general and special education services. By building community, ACT arms special and general educators with the best practices and methodologies.

The presentation will take place in Houston at the Region 4 Education Service Center and is sponsored by the Texas Assistive Technology Network and the Texas Education Agency.

The strategies developed by ACT will empower students, injecting them with confidence and providing them with a fulfilling and positive educational experience.