City Looks to Desalination

On Aug. 5th, 2014 the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center (Innovation Center) had a booth at the Desalination (Desal) Summit at the Solomon P. Ortiz Center.

State representative Todd Hunter hosted the Desal Summit, and the topics that were discussed focused on solutions that address the growing need for water. Desalination was the topic of focus and the summit ended in a panel that revolved around discussion of innovative ideas.

Desalination is a process that involved the removal of dissolved salts and minerals from seawater or brackish water.

At the event, the Innovation Center provided information on four of its client companies that are related to desalination and water treatment. Those four client companies were ARANA Technologies, LLC., Keylate Solutions, Hydro Enviro Clean, LLC. (HEC) and InnerGeo.

ARANA Technologies, LLC. —To commercialize patented technologies that revolutionizes the water industry, with multiple applications in the energy industry, desalination, large-scale municipal water sterilization and treatment, recycling industrial and municipal wastewater and residential applications.

Keylate Solutions—To provide versatile water treatment applications to customers with needs in water purity, disinfection, algae control, biofilm control and mold control.

Hydro Enviro Clean, LLC. (HEC)—has developed a patent new clean and green method called “ReLoad” for recycling water. ReLoad is a natural product that has the ability to bind and capture metals, encapsulate small potentially toxic particles and helps to enable recycled water to be reused in the fracturing process.

InnerGeo—to inexpensively harness energy for power production and water desalination for the citizens of Texas, the United States and the world.