Toby Globy Eco Team Visited Texas Water Day on March 6th

        Mr. Humberto Almaraz, the Executive Director of Toby Globy Eco Team, visited Texas Water Day in Austin. The Toby Globy Eco Action program is an award-winning environmental education curriculum supplement for classroom use. It is dedicated to educating children about the significance of environmental protection in order to create more environmentalists in the next generation. The curriculum will create awareness that will ultimately help to better resolve environmental issues in the long run.

        This is the first time for the Toby Globy Eco Team to visit Texas Water Day, which is an annual convention held by the Texas Water Conservation Association at the State Capitol in Austin. The team set up a booth at the convention to showcase their program and exchange ideas with other associations and teams. They communicated with representatives from various state agencies, seeking opportunities to build a stronger network and develop future collaboration. During the convention, Mr. Humberto Almaraz visited State Representative Todd Hunter, who seriously promotes the development of Toby Globy Eco Program.

        As an affiliate client of the Costal Bend Business Innovation Center, the Toby Globy Eco Program is spreading fast. Texas Water Day provided a great opportunity for the team to show its growth potential and further expand its program to a larger audience.