Innovation Center: Fostering Synergy

As the Center continues to mentor and coach new and existing clients, the opportunity for synergy emerges. This synergy opens the door for successful, local entrepreneurs to then turn around and help other entrepreneurial like-minded people.

“The close working relationships between an incubator’s start-ups create synergies. Even after the start-ups leave an incubator, the connections and networks established through these relationships can endure for a long time,” states the article “The Importance of Business Incubators” on

In fact, it is not uncommon for client companies with similar industries or goals to come together and collaborate. Sometimes a client company has a product or service that will benefit other clients. One example of this synergy is the Innovation Center’s graduate client company Ensemble Group.

According to the article “Ensemble Group Flourishes with Help from the Innovation Center” on, “Ensemble Group went through the incubation process at the Innovation Center, and graduated from the program in February 2015…[and] still resides at the Innovation Center and serves as an anchor tenant: a business or organization that provides mentorship for current clients.”

Ensemble Group is a website design and web application developer, started in 2002 by Gracie Martin, whose services have already been utilized by several other clients and the Center.

“In a lucky twist of fate, it was the Innovation Center that actually reached out to Ensemble Group to create a web presence,” states the article.

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“Ensemble Group Flourishes with Help from the Innovation Center”