Go Windward with Sail Tactics

Sail Tactics has joined the acceleration program at the Innovation Center, and is interested in bringing its California based company to the Gulf Coast. The company informs sailboat racers and enthusiasts with highly detailed wind and tide forecasts.

The services provided by Sail Tactics, which includes highly-detailed wind and tidal current forecast maps, are more resolved than the maps provided by any other sailing forecaster. The secret for providing such an alive and detailed forecast map is that they are specific to the sailing area’s terrain for wind forecasts and underwater features for forecasting tides. This extra detail can help give racers the winning edge when sailing around constantly changing wind and water conditions.

Founder, Mike Dvorak, has previously provided this forecasting service to sailors in the San Francisco Bay. Through a monthly subscription the company creates and distributes “fresh” daily forecasts generated each morning through their website.

Sail Tactics is still testing the waters for their company’s development in Corpus Christi. The goal is to provide other sailing locations in the U.S. with the same kind of services that are used by San Francisco Bay sailors.

Visit Sail Tactics’ site [here] and take a tour of the many sailing specific forecasts they have to offer.