Our client, BillCutterz was featured nationally on ABC World and KiiiTV News

According to ABC world news, the #1 financial priority in the America is to lower internet and phone bills. BillCutterz analyzes your bills and then negotiates them down for you. The company's goal is to save you money!

"We negotiate with your service providers without sacrificing any of your services, we get you the lowest promotions, discounts or specials that are going on at the time.” – Said Barry Gross, the founder of Billcutterz.
Thanks to Billcutterz, Monica and Ryan, a local family in Corpus Christi, saved $1,493.

Barry reveals that utility companies are willing to give discounts and/or negotiate to retain customers. Barry shares four tips to help negotiate your utility bills:
1. Calling at an off-peak time will get you more time to negotiate.
2. Going through the bills line-by-line and asking for specific discounts.
3. Getting the agents’ name and encouraging them by using their name.
4. Hang up and call back if the current agent is not cooperative.

You can visit the company at its website or call (855) 395-SAVE