Web Platform Sparks Opportunity for Texas Company

        Taking your successful small business in a new direction is a little like entering unknown territory without a map or GPS – and that can be a very scary proposition for any leader. Ensemble Group CEO Gracie Martin had spent the last decade building a thriving consulting business creating custom websites and applications when the possibility of a new path came into view. Headquartered in Corpus Christi, TX, the firm had established a reputation for high-quality work with a roster of talented designers, coders and support staff to manage an ever-increasing portfolio of projects.

        It was one of those projects – a health inspection application for a local municipality – that sparked the idea for a new product line. “We started to seriously talk about whether we could turn InspectHub into a customizable platform for other municipalities and sell it as a product,” says Gracie, who approached Incubator Manager David Fonseca at the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center (CBBIC) for help in developing the idea. Already a client at the center, Gracie decided to explore the value proposition for the platform in a new pre-incubation program that David had launched for early stage ideas and their founders.

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