Innovation Center is Key

The faces of the Innovation Center are the clients who are out in the real world driving innovation. As an incubator, the Center takes on a support role when it comes to coaching these client companies.

According to the article “Getting Started With Business Incubators,” “Business incubators are organizations geared toward speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies.”

The Innovation Center has seen over 120 client companies come through its doors since inception, and through its programs the center has worked hard at supporting these small businesses and startups—regardless of their stage of development.

In an article on titled “Innovation Center Provides ‘Key’ for KeyLate Solutions” Bill Kovaric was quoted as saying: “’The Innovation Center has been critical as both a guidance counselor and mentor. They helped me formulate a business plan, make presentations and understand the importance of financials and legal concerns. My business is now on track for 300 percent annual growth.”

Bill Kovaric started Keylate Solutions in 2010 and joined the Innovation Center in 2013.

According to KeyLate Solutions website,, “KeyLate Solutions LLC. has improved the technology of disinfection and oxidation by mimicking nature.”

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“Innovation Center Provides ‘Key’ for KeyLate Solutions”