Anita Mallory Designs: Bringing Milan to Main Street

Hailing from Portland, Texas, Anita Mallory proves her business prowess after 25 successful years working for a prominent direct-sales company as an independent Elite Executive National Sales Director. She ambitiously started working with the Innovation Center in 2012 to develop her own direct sales company, Anita Mallory Designs. She attributes her accelerated business success to all her hard work with the Innovation Center, of whom, “[she] could never have accomplished without them.”

Anita and other client companies at the center such as Breathe Max, Ensemble Group, RHM Chemical, Toby Globy Eco Action, Third Coast Controls, SCORGolf and Sub-See Adventures graduated from the program at the Innovation Center in February 2015 and their relationship with them will continue indefinitely. As a post-graduates of the Innovation Center these clients will serve as a role-model for future client companies at the Innovation Center.

Anita is thankful to her daughter-in-law, Yanira Borges, the company’s Executive Buy and Vice President of Operation. She and Anita work with a team of designers from all over the world to obtain a unique line of high-fashion jewelry sold exclusively through an Independent Anita Mallory Stylist.

An interested hostess can earn free jewelry based on sales and future bookings simply by inviting the stylist to show the line to friends at a home party, or even parties online. Stylist enjoy the opportunity to earn money from personal and group sales, online selling and leadership. They are offered a path to an unbeatable lifestyle, new friends, personal growth and also plenty of recognition. All sales directors are promoted from within the ranks of independent stylist.

The Anita Mallory Designs opportunity can be pursued with a flexible schedule, depending on the preference of the stylist. Anita states, “We like to say we are bring Milan to Main Street” referencing the on-trend classic look of the pieces in the collection.

To learn more about becoming a stylist or to view the collection please click [here].