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Hydro Enviro Clean

Hydro Enviro Clean LLC. has developed a patent new clean and green method called “ReLoad” for recycling this precious resource, especially in drought-stricken areas like the Southwest. ReLoad is a natural product that has the ability to bind and capture metals, encapsulate small potentially toxic particles and helps to enable recycled water to be reused in the fracturing process.

The advantage Hydro Enviro Clean’s ReLoad has in the industry is that it is a natural product, it is environmentally friendly, it lowers water consumption costs and it reduces amount of chemicals being used in the industry.

Bert Quintanilla

10201 South Padre Island Drive Suite 205, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Water used in oil fracking is not the cleanest stuff, to say the least. Soon it will be, however, thanks to some new contraptions on the market.

 Desalination options discussed at Desal Summit.

The Innovation Center’s client company, Keylate Solutions, makes plans to treat drinking water in Wills Point, Texas.

 Innovation Center supports and coaches local entrepreneurs.

 Toby Globy’s mission to educate children about the environment was featured in Metro Leader Newspaper.



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